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Currently: Senior Lecturer (part time), BA Fine Art, Falmouth University, UK 

"I am first and foremost a painter. During my BA Visual performance degree, I stopped painting and focused my enquires on how objects “perform in space/s; working with installation, live presence and video projection. Having completed my degree with a first, I began a practice based PhD that explored the practice of painting. The question of HOW paintings operate in space and might ‘move into’ that space has been perennially present. However, my focus has been predominantly on paintings and how they operate from ‘within’ the frame. I have addressed these questions in several exhibitions but more as a secondary concern rather than point of focus."


My paintings take images, primarily from the press, and through the process of mono-printing (tracing, inscribing, re-drawing), painting (layering, describing, smearing, dribbling) and drawing (marking, plotting, defining) transfigure them in order to ‘hold’ them – to make them my own.

The work explores how we live with these worn out and yet potent images. I am at once driven by an amnesic compulsion (a drive towards loss and annihilation of memory) to archive and aestheticise these images, while equally coveting their ability to prick, puncture and cut through this dispassionate collecting, and yielding a moment of insight that extends knowledge. I have authorship of this personal, political, ethical, aesthetic and embodied experience. It occurs between archiving and forgetting, between material and signification, between interiority and exteriority. These re-acquaintances with image are critical to the formulation of ‘self’.


"What Shall We Do Tomorrow"              

Solo Show, Jellyfish Productions, Buckfastleigh, UK  

MAY - 2018

Salon art prize                      
Group Show, Matt Roberts Arts Project Space, London, UK  

OCTOBER - 2010

Group Show, Enis House, Penryn, UK 

September - 2014

Aspex's biennial open submission exhibition, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK  

January - 2010

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T- 123-456-7890

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