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28 Days at Sea

"40 nautical charts acquired at Newton Abbot car boot sale for ten pounds. I wait a year or two for that which is appropriate to arrive. Then something condenses - is delineated. I identify a set of lines to accompany another set of lines. I take 28 consecutive Gaurdian/Observer front covers and 24 Gaurdian inside back covers minus text and make a mono-print from them over 28 nautical charts. By laying a map of time over a map of space I orientate myself. I frame a time period - a cycle, and wait/make. What will I catch? What images and their associated narratives will be acquired? I want to make each day but quickly realize I can't make time to mark time so I make when I can and collect when I cant. The daily paper and the act of transcribing its layout, images, weather charts, crossword and moon cycle, together with the presence of the sea through the nautical charts, determines rhythm in the work. 28 days/nights spanning June 22. For me the compulsion to mark time and place in this way has its origins in memorial. An image, inside and out. Without their accompanying texts, the images in these works foreground little interior or exterior content - personal or social/political, rather they insinuate themselves into the background of our insides and outsides"

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